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But how much does a Whappbook cost?

The price of your Whappbook depends on the chosen cover and the number of pages, which is the length of your chat.

You can order a Whappbook starting at €29.95. This price includes shipping costs and the first 100 pages. After that, you pay €0.08 per page. Each book can hold a maximum of 500 pages. If your chat is larger than that, we will automatically split it into multiple books of equal size (e.g., 800 pages will become 2 books of 400 pages each). We do this to ensure the quality of the books. We don't want pages coming loose, after all! You don't pay per book; you pay for the total number of pages. If your chat is too big for one book, we'll create a beautiful 'book series' for you.

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I recently got married, and my friends organized an amazing bachelorette party. As a memory, they gave me 2 Whappbooks: one with the 'preparation chat' and one with all the photos from the day itself. Truly amazing!

Kim from Udenhout

On Valentine's Day, I gave my girlfriend a Whappbook with the chat from when we first met. It's incredibly fun to read through it together!

Johan from Rotterdam

Recently, someone from our close-knit group of friends passed away. A tangible version of our friend's chat in the form of a Whappbook is a beautiful way to remember him.

Fay from Nijmegen


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